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Lenovo is recalling over 50,000 all-in-one desktop PC because of risks of catching fire. The announcement was made in cooperation with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

The products being recalled are the ThinkCentre M70z and ThinkCentre M90z, which have been found to have a defective component in the power supply. This part is prone to overheating and poses a fire hazard. Although the recall is voluntary, Lenovo and CPSC advise consumers to stop using the said PCs immediately.

To make sure you possess the defective desktops, take note that all-in-ones feature all of the PC components (including power supply) are housed into the monitor. Both models have a matte black finish with the brand “ThinkCentre” emblazoned on the lower left corner of the monitor’s front. You also need to check the PC’s serial number and manufacturing date code, which can be found on a label posted on the unit’s underside. The list of recalled models and date codes has been published in CPSC’s website. These models were sold in Lenovo’s online store and its authorized distributors between May 2010 and January 2012, with prices ranging from $500 to $800.

There are yet to have injury cases and property losses due to the defective PCs, although the company has received reports of a fire incident and a smoke incident in the US.

In case you have a defective Lenovo all-in-one desktop, stop using the computer, unplug its power supply, and contact Lenovo (855-248-2194 or www.lenovo.com/aiopsurecal) to schedule an appointment for a free replacement of the power supply.

Source: Lenovo, via PC World

When the first Bioshock got released it caused a bit of a storm, with gamers and reviewers loving it. The second one did little to dull that popularity.

It’s now been over two years since Bioshock 2 saw a release, but we all know what is coming next:Bioshock Infinite. The game has been teased since August 2010 and now finally has a release date. North America will get it on October 16, everyone else gets it October 19. Platforms getting the game include the expected Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

2K Boston and Ken Levine have been quite active at keeping Bioshock Infinite in the public eye. It’s unusual to see long gameplay videos released before launch, and yet Infinite got a 10-minute and 14-minute preview, both of which are embedded in this post.

If you’ve played through the first two games and are eager to get your hands on Infinite, remember it’s not a true sequel. There are no Big Daddies, and you aren’t underwater in the world of Rapture. In fact, this is the complete opposite with the story playing out in the floating city of Colombia.

Any upset that this is not just more Bioshock is soon replaced by anticipation of what the team have managed to create and hopefully improved on the formula. Although certain to be a success just from carrying the Bioshock name, I’m hoping it turns out to be another great game I’ll be playing through several times.

With 7 months still to wait, we’ll no doubt hear a lot more about Bioshock Infinite in the interim. There’s sure to be a few special edition packs announced, DLC teased, and pre-order bonuses from different retailers and online stores. None of it will make the months roll by any quicker, though.

via Kotaku