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If Harry Potter had had a whole car instead of just one measly little invisibility cloak, it might have been something like this.

To promote the Mercedes F-Cell’s zero impact on the environment, the company turned one into an invisible car. The tech sorcery involved modding an F-Cell  on both sides with fairly mundane hardware — cameras on the right, to capture the imagery on that side, and tacked-on sheets of LEDs on the left, to display the live feeds. The result is a pretty remarkable illusion.

Of course, I can’t say much for the safety of this thing — how could other drivers avoid you if they can’t see you? — but it’s still immensely cool. If you happen to be in Germany, you might be able to spot the invisible F-Cell as it tours the country. (Or, erm, maybe not.)

[via Mashable]

Hyundai’s stealthy i-oniq concept hybrid has been uncloaked, and the vision tantalizes the ocular receptors. With a design that suggests a three-way love triangle between a Fisker Karma, Tesla Model S and Porsche Cayenne, the Hyundai i-oniq is indubitably a futuristic display of sex on wheels.


Although brute in external appearance, the Hyundai i-oniq is rumored to be fairly docile under the hood with a 1.0-liter three-cylinder gas engine and 108-hp electric motor. The battery capacity of Hyundai’s new enigma is unknown, though the Korean car manufacturer claims that the i-oniq will be able to travel up to 75 miles on its Lithium-ion-powered motor alone before falling back on the old-school combustion engine. At the end of the day, that equates to a 435-mile combined range.

With a 173.2-inch long measurement, the Hyundai i-oniq is buddies with the Ford Focus, which is just a foot and a half shorter. If Hyundai plans on using a majority of its design blueprints for a potential mass-production iteration of the i-oniq, the car will certainly bring a much needed swagger and zest to the hybrid and EV markets. What do you think of the Hyundai i-oniq concept?